LiveMediaStreamer was deployed to take part as the tool for the pilot which SPECIFI European project by showcasing the potential of the Cultural Ring to create new languages ​​of artistic expression.

On the evening of April the 9th 2014, a performance took place at three different locations simultaneously. A pianist played a piece, on Isaac Albéniz’s piano at the Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya (National Library of Catalonia), while two students of the Dance Conservatory were dancing in separate classrooms of the Institute of Theatre building. Both musical composition and choreography were created specifically for the occasion.

This experience is an example of innovation, both in the artistic-educational side as in the area of research on the performing arts. The artistic side is complemented by technology thanks to software developed to deliver HD video and audio over the Internet.

The Departament de Cultura (Catalan Government’s Department of Culture), the Institut del Teatre (Institute of Theatre) and I2CAT Foundation have joined in efforts to make this first pilot test possible. The pilot test outcomes will be assessed with an eye to extending these experiences to other cities and cultural centres participating in the SPECIFI European project.

SPECIFI is the acronym of Smart Platforms Enabling the Creative Industries for the Future Internet, a European project with a total budget of 5.7 million euros which will run until June 2015. This project aims to create a Creative Ring of Smart European Cities and Regions to facilitate the intelligent customization, delivery and sharing of innovative services in the field of user-driven co-designed creative industries, at the local, regional and European levels. The Creative Ring will provide such services through fiber optic and wireless infrastructures.

SPECIFI’s guiding principle is that Smart Cities need to go beyond improvements related to monitoring and control tasks (traffic, pollution, etc.) and public open data. The promise of using the open platforms and infrastructures of the Future Internet in a smart, user-centered way, is to forge creative links between citizens, governments and SMEs in the creative industries, and between European regions as well.

You can see the video of the event on the website of the Institut del Teatre (Institute of Theatre).

First LiveMediaStreamer pilot test within the SPECIFI project