As a continuation of ongoing collaborations, researchers from CESNET and Sitola worked with researchers from i2CAT Foundation’s Media Internet Area. The aim of this specific project was to evaluate the integration of respective projects – UltraGrid and LiveMediaStreamer – and to create a demonstration of the resulting prototype.

The integration effort lead to creation of multiple-party streaming solution utilizing both pieces of software. To support the effort, collaboration was supported by a Visionair project for November 2014 consisting of both distributed and i2CAT-hosted development. A final demonstration of the prototype with successful results was carried out.

DSC_0053The integrations done at LiveMediaStreamer side were about adding UltraGrid support at network modules by implementing UltraGrid’s RTP payload headers. And, on the UltraGrid side MP3 support was added in order to assure audio and video compatibility.

The demonstration implied the deployment of the LiveMediaStreamer framework as an AVMixer for the core communication (one of the possible scenarios) on a 16th core server and many UltraGrid clients (transmitters and receivers) in different computers and laptops.




LiveMediaStreamer and UltraGrid integrations