User guide

This section is a how-to install and how-to use the LiveMediaStreamer (LMS) framework

LMS installation

In order to install the core framework follow steps at Get LMS! or at LMS’s wiki

AVMixer example application

A web application example implemented with Ruby and Sinatra.

In order to get it ready follow steps at WebAVMixer

MPEG-DASH live streaming transcoder example application

A single-page web application example implemented with jQuery and Bootstrap, which uses the LMS API REST (Node.js and Express.js app)

In order to get it ready follow steps at WebDASHer

Developer guide

This section aims to introduce the key concepts to start developing over (new applications) and inside (new filters) the LiveMediaStreamer framework . But, we recommend to take a look at the user guide before start developing in order to get familiar with its possibilites. Then, check next different sources in order to start developing:

  • Doxygen source code documentation: with latest autogenerated doxygen web page from our C.I. system (Jenkins server)
  • Architecture: guide through the overall architecture of the LMS framework
  • Core API: cheatsheet for the TCP socket core API